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Welcome To Yue Shing Groupˇ¦s Website

Yue Shing Logistic Company Limited is an asset based, cost and quality driven, Third Party Logistics (3PL) service provider in Hong Kong.

Providing a cost effective, and customer focused, logistics and supply chain solutions, especially in the areas of, Raw Materials, Finished Goods, FMCG Cargoes, Chemicals, Food Products, Cross Border Trucking and Cross Docking services.

Yue Shing Logistic Co., Ltd., and its sister company Yue Shing Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd., has been established since 2004, with a newly built and professional warehouse situated in a key area location in Hong Kong. Yue Shing Logistic can easy support all your Cross Border, and Cross Docking needs as well as daily replenishments and deliveries to all points throughout Hong Kong.

Key Facts:

  • With advanced self built Warehouse Management System, Yue Shing Logistic provides all its customers 24/7, with accurate real time inventory status and stock movement data.
  • Over 30,000 CBM of Cargo Movement Yue Shingˇ¦s Warehouse handles each month.
  • Over 500 Cross Border Vehicle trips from China To Hong Kong & vice versa are handled monthly by Yue Shing Logistic.
  • Over 300 deliveries and replenishment deliveries made all over Hong Kong each day.
  • Over 10,000 SKU are handled by Yue Shingˇ¦s advance Warehouse Management System.
  • Modern secure, well equipped warehouse suitable for all kinds of general cargoes, both for air conditioned and non air conditioned cargoes. Having all weather devanning and vanning of multiple containers at once,
  • Wholly owned sizeable transportation fleet.
  • Quality of operations guaranteed: accurate inventory management and on-time delivery.

The Yue Shing Group, Provides The Following Services.

  • Contract Logistics and Third Party Public Warehousing, and supply chain solutions for general cargoes such as for Raw Materials, Finished Goods, Electronics, FMCG goods, Garment Accessories,Wine,heavy and Oversized Cargoes.
  • Cross Border Trucking for FCL and LCL cargoes from all points in Southern China to and fro Hong Kong.
  • Cross Docking and Cargo Consolidation Services of all kinds of cargoes; Drums, 25 Kg bags, Boxes,Garment Accessories, oversized and heavy cargoes.
  • Daily Local Deliveries and Replenishments to all your shops, stores and retail outlets, on-time with 100% accuracy.
  • Customs Declaration/Brokerage and Documentation Handling.
  • Pick and Pack activities Garments Accessories, Wine, Food Products, FMCG Products and Electronics.
  • Value-added Services such as repacking of all kinds of cargoes Up-Sizing & Down Sizing of Pallets, Printing of Barcode Labels, labelling and Re-labelling of Items and Cartons, Kitting For Electronic and Electrical Appliances, Shrink Wrapping and Palletization of Pallets.
  • Courier Service Handling/Shipments, handling all your urgent and priority shipments through your appointed courier company.
  • Reverse Logistics, collection and sorting all retuned goods from your distribution points.
  • Quantity and Quality Checking For FMCG Goods.
  • Air and Sea Freight Forwarding, worldwide for kinds of FMCG Products and General Cargoes, Freight Consolidation

Yue Shing Group Your Destination For Quality And Cost Driven Logistics!

   Company News
AUGUST - Upgraded Stock Take Software Yue Shin g Group has now upgraded our Warehouse Management System, software allowing greater flexibility, stock taking can be done at the same time as shipments are being made, cutting down on inactive operations experienced by other service providers due to the software being unable to update, perform stock taking and operations at the same time. Our stock taking accuracy is 99.9% this proves Yue Shing has efficient, effective and quality logistics operations.
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